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This is fantastic!! Well done AWS, great to see the medium instance type, it was something we were wating for. Pricing for the medium instance is reasonable too.


Ismael Juma

Hi Jeff,

Impressive day of announcements. :) It's great to finally have 64-bit support across the instance types and to have an instance type between small and large. DynamoDB in Europe is also great news.



Fantastic feature release. I have a few clients with legacy 32 bit Server 2008 instances whose needs don't stretch to higher instance types but would benefit from 64 bit architecture at their current level, great to know I can now implement a migration plan for them.

Loving the new reserved pricing structure too. Everyone wins.


Good job on the 64 bit, now I can scale up my instances easy.

Robin Speekenbrink


But, after just having upgraded our reserved instances for the next three years as 'small', you go and introduce the *sweet spot* m1.medium! Thats a shame, will there be something like an 'upgrade' path for reserved instances? (i'd really like to utilize the medium in comparisson to our current small... )

Also on the 64bit: finally! This way we, as you've noted yourself, can move our images around and not have to worry about the 32/64 bits in our app! (integer size does matter when processing large files) Ssshhweet!

Keep this up and you've officially blown all competitors out of the water by sheer room of choice :)

Sam Westcott

Guys, this is great news. We've been waiting a looooong time (better part of 3 years) to switch all our hosting servers to AWS but we couldn't because smalls were too small and only allowed x86 but larges were too expensive. Combined with the recent price drop, we're able to move over and are gladly beginning the process. Awesome news!!


You just made my day. Awesome!


This is great news. We run some applications that don't work well in 32 bit mode (mongodb for example). No big deal to run large instances in production, but it's been a challenge to support our development environments at reasonable cost.


The SSH client is neat but I really wish it were a connection to the instance console rather than an ssh connection. I really wish I could see the console and debug boot problems interactively ("get system log" is invaluable but a real console would be so much better).

Rob Linton

Hi Jeff,

The 64bit Small instance type is big, really big. (not literally :-)

I know you'll be taking a hit as a LOT of people migrate 64 bit dev environments down from Large, but in the long run the traction from new clients moving onto AWS because of it's new cost availability will far outweigh this.

On a much smaller note, cutting and pasting the SSH Url out of the AWS web console was driving me crazy, one more small annoying thingy bites the dust.

Now, if only I could get multiple range scan attributes in Dynamo...

Adrian Cole

great news!

Mike Rooney

Excellent to see these changes. However I noticed when deploying to 64-bit Beanstalk, m1.small is still not a choice. Is there a plan to allow this?

Pothi Kalimuthu

That's incredible. Appreciate the changes. I've been waiting for long for the support of 64 bit in small instances.

Account Deleted

new m1.medium & integrated ssh from AWS management console is awesome, it reduces teh pain of logging from putty client...:)

Account Deleted

Made by day. <3 Long live AWS


This doesn't work for spot instances, i.e., requesting an m1.small instance type with a 64-bit AMI.

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