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Awesome news Jeff!

I can't seem to find anything on this page regarding existing reserved instance terms: I'm assuming we automatically get switched over to the current instance-hour rate for all reserved instances that we've already purchased - is that correct? If we just recently purchased terms on reserved instances, will there be any prorated credits for the upfront costs?

Thanks and best,


Does the price drop also count for reserved instances already procured?

S. Facere Bonum

Sounds like good news!

I have been a little confused about Reserved Instances for a while. Am I still paying an hourly rate with Reserved Instances or it is 100% always on 24/7/365 AWS awesomeness for the term of the instance that was purchased?



Chris Bailey

Great news for what I'm sure is the vast majority of users of AWS. What's not clear to me though is how this change in pricing will affect those of us who already have existing reservations. Will we get to see the updated per hour pricing on our reserved instances, or do we have to purchase another instance reservation to replace the existing one (and swallow an additional reservation charge in the process)?

Matt Mickiewicz

This is fantastic news, AWS has made a huge positive impact on our businesses.


I realized that the prices on demand in South America haven't changed. What about the reserved instances ? (sorry I don't have the historic for reserved only the on demand)


I purchased a 1 year reservation for m1.large instance, just 2 days before the announcement of price drops. I can make my peace with paying extra upfront payment, but what about the hourly charges. Can you please apply the updated hourly charges for old reservations, at least for those which were purchased in March. I am having a loss of $500, just because I purchased a reservation 2 days ago.


For the US m1.small instance is minimum 8 cents an hour, NOT 3 cents an hour. Please post link to Amazon pricing page where it says "3 cents"

Jeff Barr

Joe - The 3 year Light Utilization RI for an m1.small is $0.031 per hour: .

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