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This is really really really cool... I can't wait to actually get something deployed with this!


I've just started using various AWS services. It's awesome how powerful and easily accessible AWS is. Thank you for your continued improvement of already incredible services.

Alex Smith

Really happy to have this. We finally built a system that handled this internally (deploying new versions via Git to EC2 instances without having to touch each instance, but it was held together with duct tape and bubble gum, so we're happy to have it built into EB now. AWS is awesome!

Eric Herrmann

Hey! Nice Work! I can't see though if you're supporting PHP 5.4. If you don't, when will we see it?



great news

Arthur Wiebe

This is awesome! Can't wait to try it.

sangram anand

This really is awesome, we were just about to release a PHP project but were concerned about how to deploy in AWS, Now Elastic Beanstalk is at Rescue to speedup our deployment process with new code updates.

Steve B

I'm really liking this new way of deploying PHP Applications in to the cloud. My one question is in the Beanstalk Containers Document Root i'm unsure what to put there. Is that the absolute path to the apache web root(ie: /var/www/html/) or is it just /html?

Jeff Barr

Hi Steve, you want to use the relative path (/html).

Allain Lalonde

how are file upload handled?

Jeff Barr

Allain, you can handle them in the usual way, by accepting a POST from a form. You could upload the data to Amazon S3 or DynamoDB as appropriate.

Steve Morris

I'm unclear how sessions will work in this environment. With automatic load balancing and multiple instances I'm thinking that $_SESSION will no longer work without a custom handler. Now, if beanstalk PHP was configured to store sessions in DynamoDb that would be awesome.


There are only a few more missing pieces that would make Elastic Beanstalk almost perfect:

* many projects have to run custom build scripts during a deploy so some kind of configuration file to setup these built-scripts is needed
* these built-processes might have custom dependencies or need custom tools (so a way is needed to install them on the instance during the bootstrap process)
* it should be possible to configure and run worker processes (we for example run a shell script that processes files that have been uploaded by the user), this script also has a few custom dependencies and needs custom php modules
* it would be cool if it was possible to run multiple "apps" in one "environment". that would allow to run smaller projects (or staging projects) very cost efficient on one machine


It would be great to extend this service to other languages like Python (thought wsgi)

Pieter Soudan

voting up the comments of Joshua.
Would be really pleased to see support for custom deploy hooks

Francois Martinez

Hi jeff
Can a php deployed app connect to a sql server rds database ? If yes what would be the connection string ?
Best Regards

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