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Account Deleted

how is different from using OOZIE in EC2.


Looks awesome, but polling for new work is painful and increases the minimum latency (unless we waste a whole CPU polling all the time).

Can't we just register an URL you POST to when there is new work ?


Another great move by Amazon AWS guys, learning and learning fast the needs of their no.1 customer. Great feature indeed - taking in mind the fact that eventually all the IT vendor (ISV) infrastructure moves should be linked to the actual business/application transactions all the end to track even the margins.



Great stuff. Amazon taking it to the next level in enterprise app development. Would love to see some reference cases of apps using this capability.


I think that simple workflows between apps are much needed, so great move.
But what are the difference between this and other apps workflow builders such as IFTTT, BusyFlows and many others?


Re: Thefalken, You might be interested in long polling. Fewer but longer polls.

At Sage Bionetworks we've built our genomics processing pipelines using this technology. Just recently started rerunning processing of the complete set of expression data out of TCGA this weekend in fact. While there's a lot of other workflow systems out there, accessing one completely via web services is a big time saver for us.

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