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Please please please make Amazon S3 available in Australia!!!

Mr C

couldn't see anywhere to add this to the survey, but any plans to support HTTP/1.1 or SPDY?

Brad King

I'd love to see an option for case-insensitive URLS. Right now it has to be an exact match with the S3 key backing it. Our customers find this odd and unexpected for image hosting.

John Mark Mitchell

I know there are a number of us that would love to move our CDN needs to CloudFront if only you supported HTTPS with custom CNAMEs. I understand that supporting custom CERTs is nontrivial but it is a requirement for many of us and would round out the CloudFront product offering. I really like what you are doing with all the AWS services and would love to move this last remaining business to you so please consider adding this feature in 2012.

John Mark Mitchell

AWS staff have stated that HTTPS support for distribution CNAMEs is on their feature list ( but that it needs community support for prioritization. To help in this effort please fill out the CloudFront survey (see below) and note this feature request. AWS staff use data gathered from the survey for planning and prioritizing the CloudFront roadmap.

Be sure to note that HTTPS CNAME support is needed when you take the CloudFront Survey:

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