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Yea finally a way to actually use EBS - but we is it so screaming expensive???


Apparently it's not even meant for the use case that I had in mind.
What we really need are networked EBS volumes to attach to multiple EC2 instances (for example for log storage etc).


Nice! There is no information in the User's Guide on API access. Can snapshots be created programmatically from the existing EC2 SDK?


backup based on snapshots requires still a full source volume or backup ... or the snap must be a clone ... can someone explain if the snap is a snap or a clone or ?


AWS Storage Gateway is now certified with Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL. This enables MySQL DBAs to use AWS for backup and disaster recovery for their MySQL databases. Users can recover their MySQL databases back to their premises or on Amazon EC2.

Detailed integration document is at:


We want to push docs out to an EBS volume that our app can read from a local disk and this looks like a simple way to automate that task. Can you point to the guide to show how to enable this mirroring service (without resorting to snapshots)?


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