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This sounds as a very good move. How do you select who can provide 3rd party support?
Is there anyway to signup for that?

---- - EC2 backed online DMS



First observations are that the AWS Trusted Advisor really should be available to all AWS customers regardless of whether they have signed up for support.

As the AWS Trusted Advisor is an automated thing why would you not make it available to all customers? If it helps customers it will make their use of AWS more successful which is what AWS and customers alike would want.

You could even make AWS Trusted Advisor available for a small extra cost per month. Or make a subset of the recommendations of it avaibable for free and the rest an extra cost like the way "detailed monitoring" of EC2 is priced.

Normally AWS make good decisions about pricing and offering extra AWS features but this one doesnt seem right.


Bruce Carroll

I would expect such an automated test feature to be available to all AWS customers, not just Gold and Platinum customers. Is it not in Amazon's interest to provide secure and reliable services without the possible security issues that they could easily document? If a service is compromised due to information withheld then that client is not going to view Amazon's offering as completely professional.

Luis Nuñez

Hi Jeff,
this looks like a great service offering for customers, specifically around regulatory compliance. Quick questions:
1. Is this offered in the GovCloud?
2. Does this service offering support configuration management?
3. Does this service offering support DISA STIG/SCAP guidance and specification.

I could see this offering being leveraged in GovCloud for Continuous Monitoring.



A. Bradley

Does the AWS Trusted Advisor allow for setting alarms on total cost and instance cost? I'd much rather pay Amazon a small fee for this type of monitoring instead of providing access to my account to a third party.

Company IT Support

Pretty Diagrams you have here, how did you construct them?

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