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Greg Taylor

This is great stuff. We use boto extensively for almost every single one of our client projects. Thanks for supporting boto, Amazon!

Ruben Orduz

Very happy to see continued support for boto. We use it quite a bit to build our proof-of-concepts and I personally use it for writing AWS tutorials I post in my blog. Their IRC channel is fantastic for getting answers quick.


P.S.: I'm no way associated with the project other than an avid user and documentation bug reporter :)

Andrew Chilton

I've also been doing more and more for a NodeJS implementation for all of the Amazon Web Services : (my previous Perl version of the library is also still in use).

I'm hoping to get most of the AWS services done soon. Note: node-awssum is also available on NPM :


Thanks for doing the javascript client. I really need this. Any idea of an eta? I might have to write it myself. Thanks!

You guys are absolutely amazing. Keep up the ridiculously fantastic work!!


Also, if it's not scheduled, what I really care about in the javascript client is a secure authentication system like the ios and android token vending machine that is secure enough to be used in the browser via javascript. Thanks!

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