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Rus Dyas

Whats the point of offering both a linux and windows instance on the free tier when only 30GB EBS is included (the minimum for windows is 30GB)?


Last time i tried, windows wasn't usable on micro instances. just to download and install the windows updates on first boot took something like 6 hours due to the heavy cpu throttling (on a small instance it took a couple of minutes). but maybe it's fixed now?

Jeff Barr

As I noted in the post:

"We've fine-tuned the micro instances to make them even better at running Microsoft Windows Server."


Just thought I would mention that all of the apps in the BitNami library are available for Windows, so you can now run them all free of charge on Windows:


How do you get the launch window in your post?
Are the free instances the ones with the big star next to them?
Thanks for this, really good to get some windows presence

Jeff Barr

Hi Rus, I spoke to the Product Manager. This is what he said:

"Give it a try Rus… latest Windows 2008 R2 AMIs that we published along with this announcement are up-to-date with Windows updates till Jan 2012. Moreover base OS AMI leaves you with 12 GB of free space and SQL Server Express AMI leaves you with 10 GB of free space."

du hoc canada

I downloaded and installed it, why i see skin not as your inamge post ? May be i did step another wrong?

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