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D. Svanlund

Any plans for Fixed Price Reserved Instances, which you are currently offering in the GovCloud US region only?


This is another welcomed pricing option.

If you have already purchased a reserved instance (e.g. on 3 year term) is there any way of converting that into the Heavy Utilized RI pricing agreement?

Thanks AWS.


Awesome... can we get a copy of the excel file you used to create the chart( I'm feeling too lazy to create my own right now. :)



I wish there is an option to move to "Heavy Utilization" reserved instance from the current "Medium Utilization". Now I have to wait another 2 years and 362 days to switch. :(

Good news, anyway.


An upgrade path for existing reservations would be much appreciated :)


Great addition. Please consider permitting users who previously purchased Reserved Instances to upgrade to the Heavy Utilization class (i.e. pay a pro-rated amount of the difference (of the up-front amount) to get the new hourly cost). Thanks.


I agree with the previous posters... would appreciate a way to upgrade from my medium reserve to a heavy reserve without waiting another 2.5 years.


I'm digging it, nice chart btw. Did you whip out some Excel magic for that Jeff? ;)


+1 to a way to upgrade from medium to heavy reserve


As above, can we have access to the excel or tool to help us calculate which option is best for our application?

Also, we would also appreciate an upgrade path to heavy utilization.



Agree with other posters - an upgrade path is required!

zylun Staffing

I would surely appreciate an upgrade here. It's not that i don't like the previous RI but it would be great if i could upgrade to the new one without waiting a couple of years.


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