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Boa! Obrigado! :) We already support the new zone in BitNami ( so you can take some of our images for a spin. As a bonus, we are improving some of the most popular ones such as WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal o include Brasilian Portuguese language support out of the box.

Account Deleted

The new version of CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3 comes with the full support for the new South America (Sao Paolo) region.


I'm glad Amazon finally expanded into new regions so keep it ...

Ricardo Bánffy

This is seriously cool (but not a surprise by any stretch - we all expected it by any moment now). Will congratulate you in person later today at the AWS Summit, in a couple hours.

See you there.


This is certainly good news for Brazil. :)

On a side note, I'm not quite sure this new point of presence will be useful for other South American countries, as there almost none (if any) neutral Internex Exchange points in South America to peer networks between ISPs of South American countries.

For instance, someone from Argentina could get lower latency from one of the US regions, despite the fact it is a neighbor country. As far as I know, most IP traffic must go all the way up to United States (usually Miami) and then all the way down if you want to reach a Brazilian IP. So, if you are in Argentina (or Chile, or Uruguay, etc), your latency won't be better if you try to reach the Sao Paulo region. Best case scenario, you will end up with similar latencies compared to any of the US regions.

However, I might be wrong and my info could not be up to date, so I'll be happy if you prove me wrong. :)


Very, very cool and very welcome news.

However, we have just signed up for reserved instances last month on a U.S. Region (in that time, it was the best region available for us).

Is any kind of plan to allow current customers to change Regions without having to pay the whole reserved instance in the new region?


CloudyScripts, which is a collaborative Project from SecludIT that provides a collection of tools to manage and automate Cloud Infrastructure, also supports USA-East-1 (Sao Paulo) Region.

ElasticDetector (Security Solution) supports SA-East-1 Sao Paulo as well.

For the guys who wtanted to find the new PVGRUB AKI IDs for this new region, here is a command line (on a linux box):
[fred@secludit-debian]# ./bin/ec2-describe-images -K pk-XXX.pem -C cert-XXX.pem --region sa-east-1 -a | grep pv-grub

Guilherme Magalhães

Wow, nice initiative. Great to know more people can join AWS. Hope you keep expanding from now. Brazil thank you all, Amazon!


With more regions being added it would be nice if the dashboard (or an additional dashboard) would show an overview of resources used in all regions.

You are using the following Amazon EC2 resources in the US West (Oregon) region:
and a
You are using the following Amazon EC2 resources all regions:

or a new tab with resources for all services in all regions
You are using the following Amazon resources in all regions:

4 EC2 instances in us-east1
1 RDS instance in us-west2
10 S3 buckets in eu-west2

Account Deleted

A Tangível Tecnologia deseja boas vindas a AWS ao Brasil. Esperamos que o serviço tenha a mesma qualidade dos Estados Unidos e que ajudar a nivelar por alto outros servidores do Brasil.

Thomas supports the new Sao Paulo region and says pode tentar se quiser


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