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Wow! That's a great feature indeed. I still remember the days when SES was introduced and when one has to configure a number of things to make it work.

Davide Moraschi

A long awaited very gooooooooooooooooooooood new!
thanks folks.


Michael Jensen

I just whipped up a quick howto for setting up Postfix to use SES as an SMTP relay. Just in case anyone wants a relatively easy way to start using SES.

Neil Levine

Great Postfix write-up Michael. Shame that AWS haven't opened up the SMTP service on port 587 to reduce the need for the stunnel config.

Eric Hammond

When requesting production access for SES, there are options like: marketing, subscription, transactional, system. However, there is no option for "personal" or "human".

Are we allowed to use SES if we are using an EC2 instance as the primary mail server for personal email? Having SMTP support makes this much easier.

Jeff Barr

@Eric - Yes, you can certainly send personal email through SES. You will, of course, need a non-AWS service to receive it.

Stefan Guha

Is it a deliberate decision to have SES reject messages containing a header "Importance:"?

Some of the Microsoft email clients use this, even if not indicating non-normal priority. It cannot be switched off to my knowledge.

Effectively, this hinders WLM client software to use SES/SMTP als mail delivery service.


Bernd Eckenfels

The use of smtps instead of smtp/startls is a real PITA, I hope you reconsider, please. Use smtp or submission port. Too many MTAs dont natively support smtps (client side) to make this usefull.

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