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Hi Jeff,

What is missing is the last step: AWS console should provide a way to shut down an instance based on an alarm setting.
I know it can be done with autoscaling, but a more direct way, accessible from console would be desirable. Many users are afraid of excessive costs that could occur, e.g. when sb accesses a page on CloudWatch/S3 repeatingly to produce costs eg. on a competitor site.



Middleware and Cloud Computing


What would be nice is a global monitor alert when AMZN is going to do hypervisor maintenance. An email with something like:
The following instances have maintenance scheduled:

instance-number (name) at Wed Dec 21 between 9pm an 11pm (PST)
other-instance (name2) at Thus Dec 22 between 6pm and 9pm (PST)

Not everyone logs into the console every day ;)

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