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What license are these icons released under?


Patrick Dunnigan

That was my question as well, what license?
Patrick D.

Rayson Ho

Please release them under a free (Creative Commons) license, so that we can upload them onto Wikipedia.

Rayson (Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine project, Scalable Grid Engine Support Program)


Would be great if you could provide the icons as SVG as well please.


Icons looking awesome. :)

No license file anywhere. Means public domain, right?


Unfortunately the Powerpoint version at least has an "all rights reserved" copyright notice at the bottom so as I understand it, no one can use these icons without written permission from Amazon.

Account Deleted

That's PERFECT! I will start converting my old diagrams with these awesome looking icon set.
@Matt, SVG files are in the same EPS file set.
It would be great to see actually a sample for the "Web Application" designed in Amazon Calculator.

Michael Harings

"We have also included several example architecture digrams and guidelines on how to use these icons in your diagrams. "

I only have a dir of .eps and one of .svg files. I don't see any diagrams or guidelines.


Apologies for the delay. Thank you all for the feedback.

This icon set does not have a license file. Customers and partners are permitted by AWS to use the icons to create AWS-related artifacts as they seem fit.

@Michael - we have now included a PDF in the zip which includes the sample diagrams. Thanks for letting us know.

@Matt - The SVG files are included in the same zip as EPS. We have updated the thumbnail to avoid the confusion

-- Jinesh

Michael Nygard

Any chance of getting these for OmniGraffle as well?


Hey Michael,

I think you will be able to import the VSS (visio stencil) into Omnigraffle. Some tried and it seemed to have worked fine. let me know if it does not.


denise s.

Importing the VSS into Omnigraffle mostly works but some of the stencils do not import correctly. One example is the VPC group subnet stencil..


I recently posted aws omnigraffle stencils at graffletopia

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