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Congratulations !!

Can't wait for eu-west-2 (Frankfurt, Germany) ... :)





Do you have any plans to do a data center tour on this blog? I'd love to see the physical spaces where my applications run, and learn about the engineering decisions that went into building those spaces.

Account Deleted

CloudBerry Explorer freeware Amazon S3 client has added the support for the new US West (Oregon) Region


Awesome. Please consider Brazil or South America for your next one. ;)

Joni Kähärä

@Robert +1! :D

Account Deleted

Excelent news! Thanks Jeff for communicate this. We hope to start elaborating our Disaster Recovery strategies using both East and West coast with the same rates. Nice!

TMetschke has of course support for Oregon as well

and yes we would love to have regions in Brazil and Germany as well - lot's of demand in both areas


CloudyScripts, which is a collaborative Project from SecludIT that provides a collection of tools to manage and automate Cloud Infrastructure, also supports US-West-2 (Oregon) Region.

ElasticDetector (Security Solution) supports US-West Oregon as well.

Thanks for the guys in charge of the documentation for the fast update of the PVGRUB AKI IDs.

Matt Faraday

fantastic. please bring more to the EU though as we only have the one.

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