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Aljosa Mohorovic

can't find it on google market, is it available in all countries?

Andrew Leonard

If I understand correctly, Google Authenticator also supports OATH TOTP... and works on the iPhone today. Has anyone tested this? (I'm an Android kind of guy, myself, so I can't test explicitly on iOS.)

Excited about this, thanks!


Andrew Leonard

Ah, just found the list (which does include Google Authenticator on iOS):



And iOS...? :-)


Can't seem to enable the Gemalto key fob and virtual MFA at the same time :(

Antonio José Ramos Márquez

I have tested on iOS (ipad and iphone) with google authenticator app

great feature!!!!


Tested on iPhone 4 with Google Authenticator... works great! So happy not to have to carry around another plastic blob in my pocket. Thanks AWS!

Markus Olsson

This is amazing. We where planning on equipping all users with a gemalto device but we're so happy not to have to carry around a device!

We want to protect our main account (not IAM user) with MFA but we can't since several people needs access to usage reports and billing stuff. It would be fabulous if we could add several MFA for that account or even better if IAM users could get access to the account-level stuff.

Keep up the great work!

Bernd Eckenfels

I have written a Java Virtual Token which supports TOTP and works with Amazon MFA or Google 2-way verification. It is called et-otp and you can find the project (source+binary) here:

It is tested with Amazon and Google on Windows 7, but should run on any Java 6 Desktops.

BTW: on the virtual token page of Amazon is a link to motp solutions. I think most of them do not work with TOTP, at least the ones I checked for Windows did not (and thats why I wrote my own).


David Dolgin

Is there a way to give users the rights to enable their own MFA? I assume its some of the IAM actions, but I'm stumped.

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