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Account Deleted

Great job!
Can we have this kind of notification before spot instance terminated?

Jonathan Krengel

Concerning this statement:
"If it is an EBS-backed instance, you can start and restart the instance and it will be migrated to different hardware."

Does this only apply when the underlying hardware is marked for retirement?


This is available as part of the API

but I could not find an equivalent call in the AWS Java SDK. Is the SDK updated yet?


Do AWS have plans to send a simple email alert when a customers instance is earmarked for any of the reboot events you outlined above?

The alternative at the moment would be to pay for some additional 3rd part monitoring which isn't ideal.

Also, if an EC2 instance is scheduled for a system or retirement reboot then will a reboot invoked by a customer cause the instance to boot up on different hardware? And then will the schedulef reboot be disgarded?

But this is a good improvement anyways.


To answer part of Niall's post, I can confirm that the scheduled shutdown by AWS is indeed canceled after a Stop and Start of your instance. Just don't forget to re-associate your Elastic IP on startup.


but the latest JAVA API can't get the function

Bernd Eckenfels

What I would like to see from the API is a "soft-stop" which will schedule a stop/terminate on the next tick, so I can set a flag that my instance is no longer needed but it can run till the end of the hour. I can understand Amazon does not want this in order to increase half-used hours, however you can also get some positive aspects if a instance is marked for shutdown on the next hour, you can calculate with it becoming available. The alternative is a management portal polling the instances and shutting them down on the same clock tick. Just with additional load, more hazzles and less visibility for AWS.

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