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Why did the TC Disrupt 2011 winner GetAround reach the final?
It's not fair, they had their chance and they were not able to capitalize on it because, here they are applying for the AWS startup challenge. If with all the publicity that TC disrupt brought they still can't make this startup successful then will AWS startup challenge make any difference? I doubt!

IMHO this finalist spot is wasted on GetAround and they have deprived another startup of the potential of using the publicity of such a challenge to really make it unlike them.

Matthew Nuzum

Hi, who were the semi-finalists from the Americas?


Looking at the winners and thinking about our own entry, it would be fair to say there is a total lack of innovation or anything 'new' in the entries. Hopefully, those startups with truly innovative offerings are already on their way to success and don't need to be entering here at all. Web based HR, car pooling, free calling, web analytics, equity management, social gaming... this was new 5 years ago. I say good luck to everyone here and congratulations to the finalists but hopefully we can see some real innovators rather than tinkering, reconfiguring and cloudifying existing ideas.


There is no startup from Américas (Latín america)?


Congratulations to all the finalists.


Congratulations to the finalists.

Do the dance for us on That is, the victory dance. :-)

Amazon, thanks for holding the contest. We all really appreciate the opportunity and know that picking winners is tough business.

The winners works were all very cool and I'm sure are the work of some of world's best and brightest. Congratulations to all of you. I felt like a winner for being able to just make a respectable entry.'s new modeling studio feature should help our chances next year though! So see at AWS Startup Challenge 2012.

Have a great time at the awards dinner!


John Flaherty


It's abundantly clear that the AWS Startup Challenge is no place for bootstrapped apps - oh well - We at appreciate the chance anyways.

Good luck to the finalists. Enjoy the big time
- @kofic


@kofic - thanks for your comment, just a note to say that M-Dot, last year's AWS Start-Up Challenge was a bootstrapped startup. :)

@Martin - we're looking forward to next year - hopefully we'll have a semi-finalist or finalist from Latin America!

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