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Giles Smith

Awesome, have been waiting for this for ages! are going to be a little disappointed though

D. Svanlund

I've been looking forward to this feature for some time. It simplifies administration and will make it a lot easier for others to get started with Route 53. Keep up the good work!


Thanks AWS team!


Now how about a .NET SDK for Route53? When is the timeline for that?

Alan D.

I'd love to see support for Route53 added to the Java SDK!

Account Deleted

hope to see the features for bulk editing in very soon!


Ahhhh... now it makes sense!
Thanks for the post!

Neelam Sharma

Thanks for sharing nice blog. I am from development team side. We have developed an User Interface tool for Amazon Route53 services called "DNS30 Professional Edition".

Its Web Interface for this service is also available.


Great article except that my registrar requires an IP address as well for each of the nameservers and Route 53 does not provide them. Is it a simple matter of doing an NsLookup to get them or is there a different solution?


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