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It'd be neat if you guys supported Pubsubhubbub.


Great Feature. Now: Eurooooope! :-)
Another suggestion: please add support for Apple Push Notifications! That would allow us to integrate into our apps.

Not sure if iMessages is documented anywhere - but if so and if possible that would also be a great delivery method :-)


Great! Can't wait to use this in Germany!


This is great news. Do you know if pricing will be the same for other countries? Like India / Philippines?

Tony Jamous

Hi guys,

For international reach for Amazon SNS SMS, have a look at Nexmo the wholesale and international SMS API Amazon Lib that lets you do that.

Brian Hemesath

Interesting service. Is 30304 the universal short code for opt-outs and where messages are "from" ? Can short code owners port their existing short codes?


Can it send an SMS to Google Voice?


Don't forget South America, Bolivia needs this service.


Could you please tell me how can I set up url of a method of the SOAP web service as an endpoint of the SNS? The aim is to capture the notification and store it in the database.

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