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Daniel Bradley

What's the maximum delay on an individual message? The console indicates 15 minutes or would we be able to delay for several days?


@Daniel, the maximum delay is 15 minutes. If you need longer delays, please feel free to tell us more about your use case.

Daniel Bradley

@Jeff, thanks for the reply.

To summarise our use case, we use a queue with delays of up to 7 days for delivering news release alerts based on news embargoes. In theory the delay could be any amount, however in practice this is normally just a few days.

We currently use SES for all our immediate alert sending queuing, however, we use a custom MySQL queue for any delayed alerts.

Mike Lewis

15 minutes is definitely way too short, especially since the system can clearly handle much longer delays (ie message retention length).

I'm looking to use message delays to handle user "follow-up" actions several hours after the fact. With only a 15 minute delay available, I'll have to hack a solution by daisy-chaining delays or "failing" messages until they pass a maturity timestamp. Both are pretty ugly compared to a delay value that accommodates a pretty simple (and probably common) problem.


+1 for longer delay. Our use case involves outbound notification message re-queuing (where the user endpoint is not responsive). We want to use an increasing delay for each delivery re-try (1st retry after 5 minutes, second retry after 15 minutes, 3rd retry after an hour, 4th retry after a day). Very similar to an email delivery algorithm actually. 15 minutes is way too short.

What was the original use case when you guys decided to build this feature?

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