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William Clements

This looks very impressive, guys! Nice work. I'm looking forward to trying it out.


James Stanley

This is fantastic. The command line-challenged will rejoice!

Account Deleted

this is great! I just test it with my first deployments and works great! I have tested de load balanced template. How can I easily change a autoscaling parameter? Let's say my MaxSize in autoscaling is 2, and I want to change it to 4? Also I cannot select default instance, why? When I use the load balanced template is using cloudwach for each instance, isn't 'it?
This release is great Thanks!

Eddie Vic

Actually, how very *non* innovative for a company (Amazon) that lives, breathes, eats, sleeps the cloud. Why not do something more progressive (something that NeXT back it the 1990s would do, for example such as when they introduced Project Builder and Interface Builder on NeXTSTEP). For example instead of providing an SDK based on a traditional IDE (a proprietary one offered by your headquarters neighbor in Redmond), how about instead taking the IDE to the cloud itself? Nope, instead of really thinking outside the box (an overused meme), AWS simply perpetuates a legacy crusty IDE model that does nothnig more than generate more revenue for Microsoft. What a lackluster snoozer.

Mehdi Mousavi

Thank you for sharing...


Absolutely awesome, that you!

Your support for .Net developers is fantastic, light years ahead of any other "Open" platform, and in many ways ahead of Microsoft themselves :)

Christopher Abichandani

I think it's great that you put together an add-in for such a popular IDE. I haven't gotten a chance to check it out yet, but by the presentation here, it's clearly the result of a lot of careful thinking and hard work. Thanks for putting in the long hours that were surely involved. Regardless of any brash criticism you might get, I'd wager the majority of us are very appreciative.

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