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Orlando H

I found the Section of Data Encryption at rest very interesting. It is definitely the way we should have implemented our EBS Volumes. Where can I find additional information on this implementation,specifically the script used to manage the bitlocker keys during bootup.
Thank you.

Paul Nordlund

Great article and thanks for sharing. I have a question on the total cost of ownership aspect of the migration. Was a TCO analysis done and what are the projected savings say over a 6 year period for the private cloud vs on-prem? What staffing reductions (SP Admin, architect, systems analyst) are assumed as part of the analysis? Do you have a ROI and break-even timeframe determined?


I'd also like to see more details on the disk "activation" script. I know it wasn't produced by the AWS team directly, but is there any thought of merging this into an AMI or at least releasing it as part of an SDK?


We are also interested in more details about IPsec GPO, excluding RDP and Kerberos, ICMP or how do you handle this point: "5. Enabling IPsec for all traffic between Windows hosts."

marquis Blackmon

I think the xections dealing with the security encryption was very good. i LIKE HOW IT STATES THINGS where implemented and structured. And how with opensource you can bring in your excisting microsoft licenss to sharepoint.

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