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Kyle Himmerick

Congratulations on another relevant and useful AWS offering.

The pricing section on the product page could be made more clear. I presume I am paying base EC2 rates, but it's not entirely clear.

Also, it seems the service should follow your own best practices and allow Cluster Nodes to be spread among multiple Availability Zones.

Michael Cameron

I'm glad to see that the cache "engine" is called out specifically, I'd like to see Redis added as an engine soon. It's a far more useful tool as an in-memory caching server than memcached.

Juan David

Cache en las nubes con Amazon ElastiCache!


Awesome news indeed :)


Is this going to rolled out to US West anytime soon, or is it East only?


When will we be able to connect externally?


Any more precise ETA for launching it in Europe and other non-US zones?


Thanks jeff for the post.I have published a blog on Caching Architectures using Amazon ElastiCache for the AWS community. Can be found at :

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