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Hi Jeff,

kudos for this! Exactly what we (the middleware / appserver people) love.

I summarized RDS with Oracle engine provisioning in a whitepaper
(including how to use it with Oracle WebLogic):

keep going!


Fadi Samara

Is Oracle APEX included? If not, is this something will be considered? If yes, do you have time frame when this will be included?

Bryce Lynch

APEX is not included, nor is access to the sysdba privilege through the SYS user which is needed to install APEX. That alone makes it a pointless release for me.

Antonio Ramos

Nice stuff guys, some questions:

about rman backup, how to do it without shell access? Snapshot is good but with rman would be better for me, rman backupset on s3 to recover database in other location without rds for example

oracle secure cloud module support with rman should be great solution (on premise and cloud deployments)

dataguard support for replication in different zones or with on premise deployment would be an important plus feature for some customers

Can you share more information about how to have an enterprise edition release installed in rds mode?

Bryce Lynch

No idea regarding Enterprise - that option is "bring your own license" so only interested in Oracle Standard Edition One which I could license by the hour.

To summarise my position – because Oracle did not include APEX on RDS I would be forced to use Oracle's AMI or build my own database on a supported AMI which would require that I pay at least for a 1 year processor license for every APEX AMI I boot up ‘vs’ £3 or less than 2 USD per day per machine if APEX was included in RDS.

So to have ten Oracle APEX machines up and running at the same time for one single day IF they included APEX in the RDS would cost £30 a day.

Using the same ten APEX machines for one day via an AMI I would need to buy ten 1 year processor licenses which including support would be £15,500 excluding tax and without support £7,780 exc tax just for one single day!!! (Prices taken from Oracle's UK store).

That is, of course for production use. Oracle's concept of "Production" would/could include a forum written in APEX or something simple like a basic CRM etc. You have to play safe with Oracle as they apparently come down on you like a tonne of bricks if they suspect you are using unlicensed software. So in summary for a SME or a startup the ability to spin up APEX instances for "production use" short term is gone.

I'm tired so this reply is hastily written, but I hope constructive enough to explain why I’m very upset by this omission.

Charles Hand

When do we get PostgreSQL in RDS!?

Ashok Kumar

Hi Jeff,

I am using RDS before 6 - 7 months. Now i want to monitor RDS services via cloud watch. But its not clear in cloud watch, How can we monitor any application.

You are requested to change some function on cloud watch so that it can be easily understand.

Ranko Mosic

@Bryce Oracle Secure Cloud Module for backup and Data Guard options are applicable in Amazon AWS setup ( not for Amazon RDS, since there's no OS level access here ).

Steven Elder

Any sign of the advanced security feature being launched for Orale DBs in Amazon RDS anytime soon?

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