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Jesper Mortensen

With regards to DNS Round Robin, I'm sorry to see the sentence: "you can also control the relative frequency with which each one is used."

No, you cannot. You can control how frequently a specific IP address is _emitted_ by Route 53. But DNS uses several layers of caching, and you cannot control how frequently downstream clients _use_ the records.

DNS Round Robin is a rough but workable hack at best. DNS Weighted Round Robin is worse. Basic example: You have 3 IPs for your website . One of these is given out to the downstream DNS cache for HugeISP. HugeISP has very many customers; so now this IP address gets a disproportionally high share of the load, ignoring Route 53's weighting.

A classic piece on this is the Frequently Given Answer regarding DNS Round Robin:


I was very excited to start using it then i noticed there was no tab for it in the console, when is this coming?


How would this work with Beanstalk? Can you provide any tips?

Augusto Rosa

Thanks for this but this does not address a main requirement for 50% of your audience. We need the ability to assign EIP to ELBs. Please.

I can't move my DNS into Amazon, that is not an option as I do not control it.

Luigi Montanez

The apex aliases are awesome. Please consider enabling them for S3 buckets as well. It sounds like this would solve the problem where static sites hosted on S3 can't use the apex.

Derrick Martinez

Support for this was added to the Interstate53 GUI ( last week. Thanks AWS for these great features!


Good additions, zone apex works nicely, using Interstate53 :)

One thing: it does not work with the dualstack names for ipv6 compatibility.

To make it consistent the zone aliases should also work for S3 & CloudFront.

And a huge +1 to add GEO IP! Any timeline on this? The new weighted round robin support is not a feasible solution for multiple data center use.

Alan D

I'm really psyched to get "this stuff" working, and it's great that we can point a hostname (or apex) directly to a ELB instance, but what I'm looking for is tying a hostname directly to an _EC2_ instance, without having to go through the 'process' (hassle) of allocating and assigning an Elastic IP to the instance, and then setting up an A record to that Elastic IP.

Any plans (or way to that I've missed) create a Resource Record Set pointing to an EC2 Instance ID? (I've already searched the documentation and forums and didn't see anything, but that doesn't mean I didn't just miss it.)

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