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IPv6 support is cool to see. When will the instances themselves get an IPv6 address? We ( use EC2 to deploy our load-generation engines across all available regions. While the engines are already IPv6 compatible and ready, we can't quite enable this yet. Any ETA on this? Would love to load test an IPv6-ready app before the World IPv6 day (hint, hint!). :)


Can you get ipv6 addresses for EC2 machines as well? For elastic IPs?


Excellent news!



But I'd like to ask if there are any plans to support IPv6 ELB in AP North East(Tokyo) ?

In Japan, NTT (a biggest telecom and network carrier company in Japan) has already announced they will starts full-scale IPv4/IPv6 dual stack service for consumer on this June. Over 10 major ISPs are ready to start the dual stack service on the NTT's IPv6 enabled network.

I believe many AP North East users wants IPv6 ELB.


Is expected IPv6 support for CloudFront?

Guna Santos


When we will see Elastic Load Balancing with VPC instances?


Cool stuff, except it's practically impossible to set up...

I've spent hours trying to upload the right key files or the right key formats and it seems there are at least half a dozen posts on your forums of users trying to do the exact same thing without any success.

Maybe clear documentation on how we're supposed to set this up would help


FYI - I took advantage of the Load Balancer's security group to restrict port 80 access to instances in my AWS beanstalk environment. The security works great, but it breaks beanstalk's monitoring service, so beanstalk goes into a loop where it decides an instance is unhealthy after 10 pings fail ("Failed to retrieve status of instance ..." event), kills the instance, starts a new one, 10 pings fail, kill, start another, ...𾴟



Great News. Are there are any plans to support IPv6 ELB in APAC region?


I'd like to hear some feedback on when IPv6 will be available for EC2 machines. This was brought up in May but there hasn't been a response.

Michael K

Tried to add the Load balancer security group to the EC2 security policies using the Web interface - Didn't like the load balancer's security group - says it is invalid.

I assume that this can only be done through the api?
Would be nice to have it work through the web interface.

Graham Freeman

Hi, it'd be great to see dual-stack support added to us-west-2 (and other regions, of course). The extra complexity of having dual-stack in one region and not another is giving me a bit of a headache right now.

That aside, keep up the great work.

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