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OM that is long.
Just reading your book now.
Thanks for your sharing.

James McArthur

i got one at 923 days running loads simple website ,tomcat serving it up. I am continually amazed by AWS. I remember reading those comments by people saying dont trust the "cloud" for reliability etc etc 923 days later I cant complain !


Hmmm. I thought the normal hardware replacement cycle was three years, Jeff. Does that mean that your instance will finally be restarted after 1,095 days?

Jérôme Petazzoni

That will certainly comfort those who, like me, spend hours each week restarting instances which:
- crash mysteriously (won't even ping anymore),
- lose EBS volumes (can still SSH on the instance, "vmstat 1" shows 100% wait state and 0 iops on one of the EBS),
- refuse to shutdown (the instance remains in "stopping" state for a few hours),
- etc.
(And I only mentioned the failures which are certainly not to blame on our applications!)

Now, since this seems to be a lonely instance, it would be interesting to know how you implement the persistence of the data: everything into RDS and S3? Regular backups? Or you just happen to pray every morning for its incredible uptime to go on raising? :-)

Brian Leffler

I have the same question. Does that mean that they have not been able to update the O/S on the host server for the last three years?


Just out of curiosity, what has it cost you for those 1000 days?


Brian - Xen (which I believe is what EC2 uses) allows vms to be migrated between hosts pretty much on the fly, precisely so that host machines can be upgraded, replaced etc. without disturbing the vms they host.


I got an instance up since 673 days


1000 days on ephemeral storage - that's what I call steel nerves :)

Wes Horner

How is your instance doing today? Did you jinx everyone in Virginia with this post?

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