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M. David Peterson

>> What do you think?

In and of itself I think this is absolutely fabulous! And when you factor in @EricS's recent announcement[1] that he's now accepting requests to be a part of the Route53-based EBS zone apex support private beta, all I can feel right now is *LOVE*, *LOVE*, *AWS IS LOVE!!!*

*LOVE* IT! :-)



Has this post been written by Jeff Bezos?

Jeff Barr

>> Has this post been written by Jeff Bezos?

Nope, I (Jeff Barr) write them!


Hi Jeff,

We were very excited about this when we first heard about it a few months ago, but now that Amazon has released live streaming using CloudFront, we are a bit disappointed with the offering. Namely, we fail to see the advantage of using CloudFront over FMS for AWS. We expected CloudFront to be much simpler to use and that it would be priced similarly to CloudFront for static content.

Actually, it would appear from your tutorial that there are more steps involved in using CloudFront than setting up an FMS server to stream a live event. Also, our understanding is that using CloudFront will actually be a little bit more expensive than doing live streaming directly with FMS (maybe we mis-understood, please feel free to correct).

The only advantage we can see in using CloudFront is the global content distribution using your edge locations. But if you are not YouTube and are only streaming a live event in one region, then this advantage becomes useless.

Can you please tell us your view on what the advantages are of using CloudFront instead of using FMS for AWS directly?

Thank you.


John C. Bland II

Jeff, I mentioned this on Kevin Towes post as well.

This is beautiful but we need to be able to specify dynamic stream names.That would make this a perfect solution.


It seems as if the Flash Media Server AMI instance is not available in Europe (Ireland), this is a bit detrimental for our connections.

Jeff Barr

Support requests for this new feature should be directed to the CloudFront Developer Forum at .


Jeff, what program do you use to generate such great looking architecture diagrams? It looks awesome.

Jeff Barr

Radek, I do the diagrams with PowerPoint 2010.


Hi Jeff, I am hoping to setup Amazon livestream, can I stream live from Africa.


is it possible to delay the live stream by 8 hours for my users in singapore so if the user stream at 10pm the users will see the feed which was captured at 2pm


Why does data transfer costs 0.1$ in and 0.15$ out while
EC2 data transfer costs 0$ in and 0.12$ out?

You already charge for FMS per hour so why do you charge again in data transfer?


Any chance this will move to HTML5, mpg4 streaming as opposed to Flash? Flash is not ideal since we'd also like to live stream to mobile devices.



Chase, FMS 4.5 can now target iOS via HLS streaming. However I believe AWS uses FMs 3.5 right now.



ben biles

hi, i have tried fms cloudfront live video with iphone. not working. i tried with osmf player. Stefan, how do you get an iphone ( ios ) device to play a live http stream from FMS 4.5 ? osmf player does'nt appear to even load on an ios device! perhaps I can launch just a single massive fms instance for my event on ec2, but we have above 5,000 possible viwers. I like the AWS price model but as yet its not really working. if you pause the ubload of a live event it takes 8 minuetes to reset. Also I have seen FMS freeze on AWS/cloudfront.
In the end, event people just want a simple flash/http streaming solution for all devices with a pay as you use price structure.

Am i wrong? or is this just not here yet!?

Luca Accomazzi

Still waiting for Amazon and Adobe to come up with a solution which marries AWS and HSL. That solution should have been based on FMS 4.5 which was announced in early September 2011. We are getting sad, tired and old here, waiting for its deployment. Is there anybody at the wheel?

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