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Love that you can have a bookmark directly to an AMI - well done ec2!


I am not sure what scenarios this would be useful for but I think it would have been good if the url didn’t reference the ami directly.

Instead there could have been a way of storing what ami links to some new tag on the url e.g.


In the background the main AWS admin person could map Dev1 to a certain ami and then in the future when inevitably Dev1 uses a new ami you won't have to re-issue a new url.


Sweet! This is something we have requested multiple times in the past. Working on adding support for it on BitNami.


Ok, support added for all stacks! Example here

Thanks for adding this, it is a small feature we have been asking forever :)


Here goes a basic approach, A Cost Calculator for Live Videostreaming using Amazon CloudFront CDN. It can be downloaded from


How about this feature: a 'reference back' parameter on the bookmark URL; once AWS finish running the AWS launch wizard, AWS opens the refernced browser window.

This would allow us to integrate the Amazon wizard smoothly were we need it.

Comments? Is there a way of doing this already?


I've just updated the Ubuntu images pages to use this. Thank you.


We've added support to launch all the EC2 images from our indexed pages

For example


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