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Why such a weird name ? $NAME ??

Christian Weyer

Which day is today... again? :)

Account Deleted

Great service! Check out my blog where, about six months ago, I explored how to create $NAME yourself using existing AWS components.

Beware of the following technical limitations of $NAME:

- It's not available inside VPC.
- It only supports the $API API, not $MORE_POPULAR_API.
- $NAME requires a CNAME alias to work.


Happy April Fools to the entire AWS crew! : )


Aprils Fools eh? I have no idea what that post is about?

Fadi Samara

Believe me I have no idea what you talking about, not sure if this is April fool, is it :)

Marcel Panse

Is it really called '$NAME' or did you just forgot to replace it?

Marcel Panse

Also sounds like a really bad aprils fools joke ;-)

Abraham Williams

But is it web scale?


Ylastic now provides complete management for $NAME. You can also keep tabs on it from your iPhone, Android and Blackberry. We are also looking into supporting Shlomo's suggested alternative using existing AWS components.

Andy, CloudBerry Lab

CloudBerry lab will shortly release the version of CloudBerry Explorer with full support for AWS $NAME to make it easier to use the new service. Stay tuned! ))))))

Jeff Lomax

I hear it's coming to Eucalyptus very soon.

Chris Moyer

We've integrated Amazon $NAME into boto (assuming you've been able to sign up for it of course)

Peter Bowen

I've just updated the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server AMIs to support $NAME. Note that using $NAME with GPU instances will cause all GPU render operations to result in teapot renderings.


How do I scale up my Dishwasher? It is full!




Oh, you guys...!

Son, I am disappoint

Another failed attempt at trolling

Alan Williams

Darn, can't believe I almost believed this, even if it was just for a minute or two


This is was great April fools joke. Had me going there for a few minutes. Of course I lacked coffee so you could have told me just about anything and I would have believed it.:)

Indian Web Hosting

no idea.. april fool ?? joke !!

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