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Hi Jeff,

Whats the ETA on IPV6 support?


Dear Jeff,
We are a small startup and I'm looking to host all the IT in the cloud.
Is it possible to install Active Directory on Windows 2008 Server running on EC2 instance, to place it under the Virtual Private Cloud, all the workstations will added as a members of this domain and will work transparently via VPN from internet.


Great stuff. Congrats to Werner and his team!

Now, what about your roadmap for IPv6 integration?
I'd like to see two features in particular.
1. Public IPv6 internetfacing addresses on EC2 hosts, S3 and Cloudfront.
2. 'private' IPv6 connections to above that are restricted to a certain IPv6 subnet (i.e. my datacenter or client lan). 'private' between quotes, because you can use public IPv6 address space.
Remember that with IPv6 there is no real need for NAT or VPN. Everything can be handled on the address or routing level.
This really simplifies network design and troubleshooting.


What about IPv6?

Michael Klatsky

Are the limitations on instance types still in place, specifically regarding Cluster computes?


My first question was going to be "What about ipV6", but I see several others beat me to it.


This is quite a block-bluster pack of features to unveil in one release. Especially excited about VPC with Internet and VPN access- at Cloud Controllers we have a client replicating their Windows file server to a failover Windows server on AWS. Replication takes place over a flaky Cisco VPN client for Windows. We had to do it this way simply because this server's function is high availability over the PUBLIC internet- should their office suffer catastrophic equipment failure or nature disaster occurs, they would access their files on this server through a webdav application. Now we can securely replicate their server by using the "VPC with Internet and VPN access" deployment model - we'll get a more reliable VPN connection between their on-premise router and VPC while still providing public internet access. Good times.


can you provision a VPC on dedicated hardware or this is still multi-tenant?


Does Amazon EC2 support private line connections to/from a datacenter hosted by Terramark?

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