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Jeff, these are all very awesome, including the stopping and starting of instances. Do stopped instances incur billing costs?

Jeff Barr

Great question. There’s no cost for the instance. You would pay only for the EBS storage occupied by the instance, at $0.10/GB/month.


Jeff, maybe I missed the documentation on this, but do you have any more information on 'the user data' that you can pass to the instance at startup?

David Voge

Change type of a running or non EBS root device instances would be great!


Jeff, nice new features (again) for EC2 but will stopped instances still get a new internal IP address once you start the EBS backed instance again?

Jeff Barr

Bart, you would get a new internal IP address when you start the instance. If you need a long-term fixed address you would need to use an Elastic IP address, and you would be charged for the time that it is allocated but not in use.


I also just looked at another of your blogs Jeff, I'm assuming I have to upload everything a typical hard drive needs to function onto my server, programming languages, software, etc, geez I thought amazon intended for this server to be accessible to people with limited computer tech knowledge

Frank Munz | Middleware and  Cloud Computing

we used it before from the command-line, but IMHO it's a great move to include the resize feature into the management console.

thanks! Frank


The option to change the instance is MOST welcome! I use the Free Tier Miro instance while developing client websites, it's so nice to be able to change them up to a Small instance when their new site is ready to go live! Great addition, thank you!

Pandora Bracelets

Change type of a running or non EBS root device instances would be great!

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