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Krishna Muriki

Matt, In the video you talk about creating a template of the first cc1.4xlarge instance that has been manually configured. You selected the create image option under instance actions to do this. What happens to the data initially placed on the 100GiB volume ? Will this also be copied into the AMI and all the instances launched with this new AMI will have a separate copy of the data ? In a cluster it would be ideal if all the instances have access to the same set of files instead of separate copy local to them.

Matt Wood

Thanks, Krishna.

Creating a new AMI only takes an image of the server, along with the OS and any configuration held on the ephemeral disk. For the EBS volumes, you can take a snapshot of the volume, and use that snapshot to create new, active volumes which are then attached to instances, either at run time, or at start up.

Whilst this approach is great for a wide range of uses, you're absolutely right that in some cases access to shared data across instances is required. There are a variety of methods to set up a shared filesystem on EC2 with EBS (NFS, Gluster), and I hope to cover this in a future screencast.

Patrick Hu

Hi Matt,

Very nice video tutorial. I'm interested in the second part of it, which you mentioned at the end. Do you have a link for it?


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