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Alex Hague

Hi, I'd like to let you all know about two new tools we've developed for Route 53.

The first, R53Connect, is a .NET library for application developers to use to connect to Route 53. It encapsulates all the functionality of the Route 53 API. You can find it at

The second, R53Desktop, is a Windows desktop app, built on the R53Connect library. R53Desktop allows for full management of zones within Route 53. We've created it as a sample application and made the full C# source code available. While it's a great showcase of what's possible with R53Connect, it's also a really useful utility on its own. R53Desktop can be found at

Kind Regards,

Ryan Yonzon

Thought I'd share this simple web app that I've built for AWS Route 53 service:

It's built on top of Route 53 class that I've added on AWS SDK for PHP (fork) -

Please try it and leave your feedback.

Kind Regards,



Hi. I just thought I'd add another tool to the list. Area 53 is an Android Route 53 client. It is available via the Android Market. More information is available at:

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