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Looks great! Can CloudFormation be used to configure different listen ports for apache on different boxes. Basically, can CloudFormation be used to change some config files before brining up the processes on it?


Excellent Info! will try today.

When you mentioned "You simply describe your stack using our template language..." means we do not need to rely on Rightscale's template language anymore?


I guess I don't understand how this solves one of the key issues with load balancing and auto scaling; file storage.

Two of the example templates, WordPress and Drupal, launch two instances by default. As soon as you upload a file, say a profile image, only one of the servers has the file and other does not. Soon some traffic gets the profile image while other traffic gets a broken image icon.


AWS gets declarative!


CloudFormation is an innovating service offer from AWS. To keep the leading position, more such innovating offerings are expected from Amazon.


Grace Mollison

CloudFormation needs a termination protection setting it's too easy to pull down a whole stack so even if you do create a stack which expects random components to fail having your whole stack, data as well disappearing because of an accidental yes delete stack being submitted & watching everything go cold be considered a catastrophic failure ... after all we're all human& subject to just doing stupid things!


I know this come a bit late, but we are seeing an uptick of people emailing us with questions about templates... I wanted to point out to users getting started with CloudFormation that at BitNami we offer free AWS templates for dozens of popular open source apps and frameworks such as LAMP, Rails, Drupal, Joomla, Redmine and so on. Just go to the page for each app in the main site and scroll all the way down. Happy launching! ;)


Is it possible to use cloud-formation across regions?

We have a use case where we want to have the server instances in one region, but also keep few backup instances in a different region. Can I automate the setup using cloud-formation?

Jeff Barr

@Gunners - Each CloudFormation template operates within a single region. You can include an AMI Map within a template to make it work the same way in different regions.

So, yes, you can create the template once and then use it in your primary or backup regions.

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