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Tom Rosenfeld

This sounds great, but I don't see how to log in. When I go to the console page it requires an email and password, not an AWS access key. Has this already been rolled out around the world? (I am in Israel)


Jeff Barr

Tom, here are some resources for you:

* The AWS Management Console Sign-In Page -

* Using an Alias for your AWS Account Id -

I am working on some blog posts with additional information.


This is a big deal- thanks for breaking the news, Jeff. We have a guide for folks getting started with AWS which includes a how-to for setting up IAM users compatible with the AWS console login on our wiki at


Awesome, Jeff. I've been waiting for this feature for some time. Works great!


Great news;however when will be able to access IAM from the web console.

Brant Wedel

It would be extremely useful if IAM was extended in the API to allow a website hosted within AWS EC2 to validate MFA devices. This would allow anyone to setup MFA for say their Blog, or corporate websites without investing time and money into custom development and integration. This could be a Per/User/Month charge or Per/MFA/Month, or even a Per/Authentication charge and could actually generate revenue. In-fact I purchased 3 MFA devices assuming this is what it was for =P oh well, it's nice having one setup to make my account that much more secure.

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