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Congratulations, Jeff! You have made many developers happy today!


We're implementing this right now. Didn't even read the whole announcement I just hope that this is what I am guessing from the headline. Postmarkapp from Amazon! Nice Job guys!!!!

Arik Fraimovich

Re. the secret message: if the secret message is in the binary code on the stamp, than it's too small to be readable... if the stamp is just a distraction, then clever move :)


I agree with Arik. I started with the first line and got .z^. Probably too small for me to read accurately, too. ;)


Indeed, I will take bacon any day over spam.

Thanks Jeff. :)

Arik Fraimovich

Bacon is indeed better than spam.
Ah, if I knew they are going to post a higher res image, I wouldn't gone out of my house for so long ;)


Can somebody write something will expose a basic SMTP interface to my EC2 instances and then talk to this new service so I don't have to integrate what is basically a custom email interface? My apps already talk to SMTP directly so this would be simple to integrate if I had the middle piece.


Will there be a capability to receive email in future? Something like Mailgun?


A HUGE shortcoming appears to be that SES generates actual bounced emails back to the sender. This is a problem for large lists-- we want the sender inbox to be clean for humans to handle replies only, and don't want to manually wade through hundreds of bounce messages. (large lists (250,000+) will generate hundreds of bounces just from email account churn week-to-week). Even worse, oftentimes a single bounced email generates several bounce messages as ISPs retry the email.

I see that we can set a ReturnPath value for bounces, but that still leaves me with an inbox somewhere full of non-standard bounce messages. Are we supposed to process this pile by hand? Is there any plan for an automated and standardized way of notifying an AWS account about a bounce? It would be great if SES could just send me a standardized notice, like hitting a callback URL on my site, or dropping a message to me in SQS, when an email bounces. Short of that, is there an API call that will return the actual bounce emails (and the associated bounce message) to me?


peter honeyman


Jeff Schneider

Hey Jeff,
Like Beanstalk, I couldn't help but notice that there's no WSDL for SES - instead preferring the use of the "AWS Query" notation. Is this a longterm trend or coincidental?


Secret message? Here is what it said:
.zncf anug erggro fv abpno



This is great. We send email using Java Mail API. Could you provide documentation (similar to the ones for sendmail and postfix) to integrate this with the Java Mail API?


Wonderful news! Finally we can stop using third party solutions and do it all under the AWS roof.


very cool, any plans on also extending the api for apps that what to handle incoming mails?


Are there any functions to remove bounces, rejects, etc..? Or at least retrieve the email that bounced so it can be removed?

Mahesh Khambadkone

Is there any information on how the service helps prevent your mails getting into user's Spam boxes, as compared to other services like SendGrid or AuthSMTP?

For example, easy handling of Do Not Mail requests from end users, getting the SMTP servers approved by the top mail providers' Postboxes like Yahoo and MSN?

Jeff Barr

Trillatext, those bounces and rejects will be returned to you via email (see the ReturnPath in the docs at ).

Jeff Barr

Jeff, regarding WSDL, I am trying to find out what's going on.


Thanks and sorry. Lol, went through the documentation before asking and simply missed that

Jeff Barr

RajeshJ: The newest version of the AWS SDK for Java includes a JavaMail provider for SES. Read more at .



Joe Negron

Thanks, Jeff. I love all the new stuff you guys are releasing. I think I spoke with Tal about this when I was at your office. We've been using 3rd party tools and relaying through an external smtp. Hopefully this makes life easier. Now it's time to play with the new SDK...

Account Deleted

I've made Python API for Amazon SES


Ylastic just added management for Simple Email Service -

Bob Willis

Hidden message is
.zncf anug erggro fv abpno

Which, turned around (The Full Stop/Period First indicated Reverse Sentence) is..
onpba vf orggre guna fcnz.

Then using a 13 place Caesar Cypher. (Reverse O=B)
Bacon is better than spam!!


How to send raw_email using php ? Any sample will be appropriated.

Jeff Barr

Here is an example of how to send raw email using PHP and the AWS SDK for PHP:


Dear Jeff Barr: I have already tried that example but always getting this error.
ERROR MESSAGE : Duplicate header 'Content-Type'.

I have to send attachments in email. Do you have any related example.

Jeff Barr

Irfan, please post help requests in the Amazon SES Forum at .


Thanks a lot for doing all the great things. You guys keep raising the bar for everyone. Keep up your great work.

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