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Dylan Rosario

Super excited. Already using mySQL on RDS, time for upgrade.

Aljosa Mohorovic

Any plans to support PostgreSQL?
If no, can you comment why not?

DB Dude

What kind of disk I/O can I expect for Oracle-in-the-cloud? Dedicated 15,000 RPM RAID 10?


Aljosa, don't hold your breath waiting for either answer.

Jeff Barr

Aljosa, the RDS model is designed to accommodate multiple database implementations (as you can tell from today's announcement). We would be interested in hearing more about your needs with regard to PostgreSQL. Post them here or email them to me (

Jeff Barr

Jay, I do my best to answer all of the questions. I sometimes reply via email if that seems to be more appropriate.

Giampaolo Mancini

+1 for PostgreSQL support!


We too have been waiting for PostgreSQL support. At the moment we run it on EC2 but it would be nice to get RDS support to eliminate some of the management and scaling headaches.


+1 for PostgreSQL PLEASE!!!!


Will Oracle Enterprise Edition be available also for hourly payments?

Jeff Barr

Artbarrios, a number of other Oracle applications are already available on AWS; see the list at . Questions about the licensing model for these apps should be directed at Oracle.

Brijendra Dharampuria

I am using Oracle Database for my client projects but think this is the right time to use Amazon Relational Database Service.

Victor Pereira

+1 Postgresql Support!

Frank Munz


states that there will be "pay-by-the-hour licensing option" for Oracle RDS.
IMHO this is a major step for Oracle towards the cloud.

So far Amazon was doing all the heavy lifting and providing every
single IaaS resource from EC2 to elastic load balancing on a pay per use basis but
the shortest Oracle license was 1 year. IMHO pay per use is on of the key criteria for
CC so I welcome this decision. Also I am very curious about the pricing details.


Oracle Middleware and Cloud Computing

Peter Harris

Nice to see a lot of requests for PostgreSQL here. I'll add another.

We are currently running postgres databases on a number of EC2 instances, and ultimately we plan for each of these to be serving multiple other servers on EC2. We would definitely be interested in moving these databases onto RDS if we could, but for various reasons neither MySQL nor Oracle are suitable.

Duncan Mason

PostgreSQL please!!!

Tom Inglis

Please add PostgreSQL support to RDS!

We have to use EC2 at the moment, but it would be great to take advantage of all the automatic patching and backup.


Adding yet another +1 for PostgreSQL support. Any plans for this?


+1 for PostgreSQL! We are a small academic group looking to move as much of our infrastructure to AWS as possible. RDS is perfect for us, but we would prefer to use PostgreSQL there instead of MySQL. Pretty please PostgreSQL :)

Fadi Samara

Is there any comments when Oracle RDS will be available? this announcement has been there for too long time.

Fadi Samara

We mainly interested in running Oracle APEX on this RDS.

Kilian Hagemann

We'd also be really interested in PostgreSQL support with PostGIS, there's really no comparable alternative out there that doesn't charge an arm and a leg in licensing fees... That's apart from all the other advanced features of PostgreSQL that MySQL lacks.


I think it's pretty telling that the majority of the comments on this Oracle RDS post are pleading for PostgreSQL instead of discussing Oracle. Really hope to hear some news on this soon!

Bryan Field-Elliot

+1 for PostgreSQL. Amazon just needs to take a look at how Oracle treats the rest of the industry, and realize that for both of Amazon's current RDS offerings to be Oracle products, is really setting Amazon up to be bitten in the ass one day (by Oracle). Probably when you can least afford it.


After some firsts steps with RDS, it works fine and stable. It's BETA, i hope a few features like APEX, Oracle components etc. are coming soon.


another +1 PostgreSQL please

Francisco Borges

+1 PostgreSQL. The best open source DB around by far.

Yves Richard

+1 for postgreSQL

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