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IAM is a great early Xmas present, Jeff, but is there any chance we're going to be able to unwrap per instance breakdown for billing under the tree this year? ;)

Simone Brunozzi

Very smart solution, Jeff! :)

Jeff Barr

I thought so too, Simone!

Christian Gotthardt

Hey guys,

as I understand, Route 53 acts as a DNS for
a given domain. Just 2 questions about this new service:

Does it connect connect S3 addresses or also to (dynamic) aws-instance-URLs?

How will a already registered domain like connect to your Route 53 DNS,
and how can amazon ensure, that you are the owner of the domain?

Thanks a lot!


Jeff Barr

To answer (belatedly) Christian's comment, Route 53 is really separate and distinct from S3.

In most cases you would create Elastic IP Addresses for your EC2 instances and register them with Route 53. You could also (with a little bit of code) dynamically update Route 53 each time you start or terminate an EC2 instance.

In order to connect a domain to Route 53, you must edit the registration information for the domain so that it references the name servers assigned by Route 53. Since only the owner should have the credentials and permission that are needed to do this, we do not need to ensure that you are the owner of the domain.

Account Deleted

This thing helps me so much, I really don't understand after hours to read FAQs of Route 53 after Signed up, but this tools give me the hand to start.

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