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Do you know how long the conversion task usualy takes for a 5gb instance? Mine is still displaying the status active when I run the ec2-describe-conversion-tasks command.


Are there any plans to offer VM Export (converting an AMI back to a VMware image) as well?

Allison Aiello

What is the timeline for importing Windows 2003 instances?


This is a very important feature that will do even more to cement AWS leadership in cloud computing. By the way, we LOVE the new UI in the Management Console - EXCELLENT! Gets better and better all the time. Good job!

Aryan Nava

I've been waiting for this, thank you Amazon.


I have read that AWS now supports exporting the VMs back out of AWS? Is this correct?


Any plans to support VBox or KVM?


I would also like to know the answer to Allison's question, what is the timeline for importing Windows 2003 instances?

This will be very beneficial to me as this is a great option for supporting a large number legacy virtual machines within my enterprise.


Would be very nice to confirm or deny that exporting is an option for AWS's EC2 Servers.


Will it work with Linux VM yet (Redhat/CentOS/Ubutu/SuSe)?

I find the information is not clearly indicated which VM Operating System is support now. When you say "We are also working on support for several Linux distributions including CentOS, RHEL, and SUSE" This mean the tool is not yet supported, correct?



Hello, When I upload a linux vmdk file to EC2, but not succeed. error information:
No windows directory found.
I don't why the system hit this error, I have upload a linux system not windows.

# ./ec2-describe-conversion-tasks import-i-ffla7ooi
TaskType IMPORTINSTANCE TaskId import-i-ffla7ooi ExpirationTime 2012-05-13T00:48:27+00:00 Status cancelled StatusMessage ClientError: No windows directory found. InstanceID i-0deb2e6b
DISKIMAGE DiskImageFormat VMDK DiskImageSize 28725760 VolumeId vol-8c2a78e3 VolumeSize 1 AvailabilityZone us-east-1d ApproximateBytesConverted 28725584 Status completed

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