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Wow, shiny new feature.


Incredible development, I was just very shortly ago thinking about the very limited availability of GPU cloud computing.

I'm really excited and interested in hearing about the kind of applications people will make with this.

Justin Riley

Very cool! There are several folks at MIT and Harvard that are very excited about this. Looks like I have some more work to do in StarCluster ( to support this new instance type...should mostly just be AMI work though (installing NVIDIA driver).

P. Clarke Thomas

cool! reminds me of math co-processors from the old 8086 plus. Is 22GB the max RAM capable on the CGI instance? If not, why did you choose to lower it?

Nicolas Pinto

I would recommend using PyCUDA or PyOpenCL instead of PyStream (outdated) to program GPUs on EC2!


We are already heavily invested into GPUs, their GFlop/Watt is much better than CPUs for compute-bound problems. We are running small MPI clusters with lots of them and are looking into private GPU clouds. I'd like to learn more about EC2

Nick Beecroft

This is a giant leap forward for GPU computing!

We at TidePowerd will get cracking to support these new instances and (hopefully) add a little .NET flare to this groundbreaking service.

Way to go Amazon!

Manfred van der Voort

Suppose I would like to deploy standard Windows based 3D OpenGL apps on a GPU cluster. Would this give me a working solution using Citrix XenDesktop for example? Will Windows7 clients running on a Windows Server2008R2 running on XenServer runnig on this GPU cluster, recognize a valid OpenGL graphics driver?

Quite interesting business cases are shining at the horizon I think if this will work. Please could someone comment on this?


I have a question for Amazon. When will you launch Windows GPU AMI.

Jim Bethancourt

It would be fantastic if ATI GPUs could be offered as well. Gary Frost, a developer at AMD, is working on a API called Aparapi to allow for Java bytecode to be converted directly to OpenCL instead of having to use / learn the OpenCL / CUDA Java APIs. More details can be found at towards the bottom, and the alpha download is at the top of the page.



you guys simply ROCK. When I read this I sent an email to everyone in the company saying... early Christmas Gift from Amazon. Anyway u guys are so far ahead.. no one can really touch you guys. Oh by the way THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making those gpu instances affordable and not gauge customers like the other gpu clouds.


You can also use SGC-Ruby-CUDA ( if you are using Ruby. As the CentOS AMI for Cluster GPU is very primitive, a community AMI (013944832161/SGCRubyCUDA.1 located in US East Virginia zone) had been created for quick trial.

Justin Riley

FYI, we just created a new GPU/Cluster Compute AMI for StarCluster that contains CUDA/PyCuda/PyOpenCL/etc if anyone's interested. See for details.

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