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I wouldn't mind if DevPay was opened up to individuals and businesses outside the U.S.. That would really help.

Ernest Mueller

We have a couple SaaS offerings on AWS, and are thinking about making other software products available as AMIs. This brings up some questions though.

1. Why is the AMI listing page so bad? You can't even search it any more. It seems very hard to determine what all ISV offerings there are in the space without paging through 57 pages of offerings (and I'm not convinced most are listed; I know Jive and Atlassian do it and I don't see them in there). That seems like a missed opportunity to drive people to Amazon-based solutions. It's the diametric opposite of an "app store." (I'm reasonably sure there's online store expertise there within Amazon!)

2. It seems like there's not as many people doing it as I'd expect; I'd think many ISVs would find it a useful alternate delivery method especially for demos, short term usage, etc. What are the "gotchas" that I don't know that is preventing more adoption? Is there some kind of gating that makes only the IBM/Oracles able to swing it? How is customer adoption of AMI-based software delivery?


Miha Ahronovitz

I just learned about the BYOL and ISV-SaaS based business models for billing in addition Pay-As-You-Go. It shows how AWS responds quickly to the needs of doing business in different way. I am pleasantly surprised.

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