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A couple of really great ideas. We offer all Semi-Finalists 3 months free usage of a EC2 Cluster Management and Deployment Solution. Just send us an email - info (at)

Good luck for the rest of the challenge,

Stephen Potter

Congratulations to all! I do have one suggestion. It would be nice to have a separate category for bootstrapped startups. There are many awesome apps out there that have super tight budgets and not nearly as much firepower as VC-backed companies. Every single startup from the US (I didn't check other regions) has some kind of funding, which gives them a great advantage over bootstrapped ones. That bums me out, because bootstrapped companies are often profitable, have a great story, and typically have more to gain by being a finalist or winner. There are separate contests for independent musicians and filmmakers, so some way to include independent startups could shed light on that part of the industry and make this an even more fulfilling contest.

Good luck everyone!!!

Mike Kavis


M-Dot is a friends and family funded bootstrap company. I mention that in this recent article

Leslie Verploegen

Congratulations to the finalists! However, $50k prize to companies with millions? Thats like a drop in the bucket for them. It would be worth so much more to earlier stage or smaller start ups who have yet to receive substantial funding.

David Fogel

These look like interesting, if somewhat business-focused, new businesses. But 5 out of 5 of the Americas region semi-finalists have already been funded by VCs for over a $1 million dollars, and 4 out of 5 have received over $4 million. So I'm wondering if it would be more exciting for Amazon to award prizes to companies to whom winning would actually make a difference. How does winning $2.5K, $10K, or even $100K meaningfully help a company who just got a check for $4-5 million from VCs?

Perhaps Amazon should offer larger prizes, or else choose smaller companies as contestants?

HasOffers Affiliate Tracking

Congrats to the finalists from HasOffers.

Mike Kavis


M-Dot has recently launched last month and was pre-revenue before that. So $50K means a heck of a lot to us. We hope to be worth millions some day soon ;-}

Stephen Potter

@David, I feel the same way. I have an app used by thousands and we've spent less than $5k (not counting time) on my app. So much of that is due to AWS's awesome pricing. I think it would be helpful to show the world that you can make things happen with what's already in your pocket, especially cuz of AWS. Make it a much smaller prize, or even just recognition, but include small-timers. Not only is it a cool story to tell, it also would reveal some great companies to potential investors.

@Mike, congrats man, we are about to appeal to friends and family. Hard work indeed. Good luck in the contest!

Whatever the case, I wish you all good luck. You are part of what makes the world a better place.


@Stephen, @David, @Leslie and possibly subsequent posters,

Good observation. Another thing to note is that most of the semi-finalists touted ideas that are mostly storage intensive rather than original.


Agree, it is kind of difficult to fight against companies that are already backed with funds. Well, I do hope new bootstrap companies like us will be given more chance in these competitions and exposure too.

However, SumoOptimize still wishes to congratulate all the above semi-finalists.

Robert Smithson

No Project Dirigible! Genuinely shocked that the massively parallel Python on EC2 has not been recognised. Get with the programme, guys!

István Soós

Agreed with @Stephen, @David, @Leslie, @neth and all who are in favor of small applications, small businesses. Nevertheless, I can understand the reasons behind Amazon's strategy to choose the applications that make the most use of the AWS infrastructure, because let's face it: small applications do require small infrastructure and AWS is making money from the infrastructure.

Anyway, congratulations to the named products and companies! I wish good luck to all the rest of us, either to find a competition that favors small ideas, or to make our success on our own.


Congratulation guys@!!


I agree. I'm a bootstrapped start-up and really needed the Amazon support to host and manage my social network -
I'm working from my home and all of sudden things are taking off....and I just don't have the funds to support the influx of users on my site.
Let me know if anything comes up for entrepreneurs like myself. One of my apps. was voted #5 as a top app. on iphone by Yahoo! and I'm getting reviewed soon in the Huffington Post as a women entrepreneur--- how much more attention do I need to prove I have a good business?

Scott McDonald


( )

Dhruv Kumar S

Congrats to all (semi) finalists., You guys deserve it.

Though it's kinda sad that i didn't make it there.

Anyways, When i publish my app (idea) Hopefully judges will come to know what mistake they had made :)

Dhruv Kumar S

"success on our own"

Though hard, It's the only way.


Congratulations to the semi finalists

We are one of the boot-strapped companies that did not make it.
It's understandable though - after all we are in alpha.
We'll reapply again next year after the business has been launched publicly.
Thanks AWS - and check us out at



So building an entire business from Starbucks (after work every night) on your own doesn't even get look in? I though this was the point of EC2; you can create a business from nothing on the cloud! I bet MANY of the entries were better than these semi finalists, pity no one is going to even hear about them. There SHOULD be a bootstrapped or single site builder category!

AMAZON: Not every one can get Millions and millions of dollars of funding and teams of coders at their disposal before they get chance to present their concepts. Yes I AM sour about this. I think you should let the public VOTE too!

Oli HIlle

Well done everyone and congratulations.

I will apply again next year!

Oli Hille
"Creating the Perfect Lifestyle"


Congrats to all the semi-finalists!

We are bootstrapped company as well with a fast-growing SaaS product:
Would have loved to go to the finals ;-)


Although a little disappoint of not being on the semi-finalists list, I believe is still a prospering website.

As said, social media technologies, data mining, cloud computing are complex algorithms. We've incorporated these elements into building our financial social networking platform.

BTW, there are a bunch of great ideas we can learn from the other startups. Thanks for sharing.


Aah, we missed it. But good to see another travel search player there. Congrats to all selected!


Congratulations to all semi-finalists!

We were one of the participants.

Cloud infra is as exciting now as GUI was in 80's!

Our digital publishing offering based on AWS cloud:


Congrats to the winners, although I am disappointed that our bootstrapped startup - Playtform ( didn't make it. We are similar to one of the finalists (ThirdPresence) and I think our integration option is even easier than theirs and our pricing is more flexible (you only pay for what you use as opposed to their fixed rate).

Jack Rickard

Interesting contest idea. I've gone to each winner's site, and don't see a winner in the bunch. Nothing I'd want to use. Either nobody is using AWS for anything remotely interesting, or Amazon is seriously poor at running contests.

For what it's worth.....

Jack Rickard

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