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This is good stuff. We'll certainly make use of it in a future version of S3 Backup. One request though -- it would be nice to be able to specify a timeout when initiating the multipart upload, so that if it was interrupted, the partial upload would (eventually) be discarded automatically.

Andy, CloudBerry Lab

Hi Jeff,

Newer version of CloudBerry Explorer comes with full support for Multipart Upload. CloudBerry S3 Backup is coming.



Any Ruby support?

Juraj Michalek

I spent quite long time to get this upload working, because of bug in Amazon S3 Documentation - REST Authentication. Here I described details:

Please update official documentation.

Sandeep Ghael

Is there any chance that the chunk limit will be reduced? We'd like to use multipart uploads for file uploading on a mobile device, and 5MB minimum file size is a bit too big for us. Will this ever be turned down to something like 1MB or even less?


Now Bucket Explorer is available with full support for Multipart Upload.Try it it provide an easy interface to work with Amazon S3..


Multipart upload is a nice feature. Any plans to support multipart downloads too?

One obvious other way to solve the same problem of slow data transfers to Amazon S3, both for uploads and downloads is to use multithreading. We just added this in Zmanda Cloud Backup (ZCB) are seeing about 3X faster and reliable data transfers to Amazon S3 -



Bucket Explorer is available with full support for Multipart Upload.It also provide Resume multipart upload facility.Using that facility if you once close your tool,then you can again start your upload process of remaining parts.

Bhavik Vyas

Aspera specializes in big-data transport over the WAN. We have implemented a client/server solution that allows you to move data at speeds up to 700Mbps in & out of AWS S3 (multipart up/download + patented WAN transport). This ensures that the object size & location are things that you now don't have to worry about.

We have a S3-Direct beta program running until March 2012 - you can find details here:


I've written a command line tool (implemented using ruby).

Sushil Verma

Is there any way to physically split original file on local disc and upload all spitted file as on object?


We maybe a world first but today we launched our browser based Amazon S3 multipart uploader service

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