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GIS Cloud

Great article! Thanks for enabling this feature. Now we can serve map tiles dynamically without need to upload large amount to S3.

We tested it and it works quite well. Here is an article about it:


Have been waiting for ages for this feature. When will this be available to configure through the CloudFront console?


Cyberduck for Mac & Windows now has support to configure Amazon CloudFront custom origins. Please refer to for more information.


Will you enable dynamic gzip in your roadmap?


Gzip css and js it's a must!

Tej Kiran

Bucket Explorer is supporting following all type of distributions for

S3 Origin
1. Public , 2. Private , 3. Public Streaming and 4. Private Streaming Distribution

Non S3 Origin (Custom Origin)
Custom Origin Distribution

Available for Windows (32/64bit exe) / Linux / Mac
For More Details :


Ylastic now supports custom origin as well as invalidations -


can someone point me to a site or article that teaches how to optimize a cloudfront using a custom origin?

is it easier to use tools like the above mentioned?



Chris Evans


Any plans for edge side includes? That would be incredible...



Chris Evans

Oh, and any plans for rules based on cookies? I.e. if a certain cookie and / or value exists, forward request straight to origin, if not serve from CloudFront?

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