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Is it also possible to create an account for the financial department only, so that they can download the pdf invoices but can't, accidentally, change any technical settings of our AWS account?


Agree with Menno above, don't want the office manager to be able to accidentally kill my cloud when hunting around for the PDF invoice.

Better yet, you would all be my personal heroes if you could just email a PDF invoice to a billing email address each month so it goes into our accounts payable workflow.
This is worth a box of chocolates. And some flowers. And a big wet sloppy kiss.
Pretty please.


How about the option to have the invoice emailed with the notification?

Chandra Sekhar

Created an AWS account for finance and add your account to their consolidated billing.


Is it possible to view costs per EC2 instance?

Maciej Kuś

How does this "invoice" look like if I am a customer from Europe and provide you with my VAT ID number?

I am a little bit worried with "This is not VAT invoice" - but this invoice in fact should be VAT invoice.


Did you figured out how to get a VAT invoice from Amazazon for AWS?


Where did this go? The link to the PDF is no longer available.


Where did the invoice PDF go? I need the quick one page version for accounting.

David Benson

Removing the ability to get invoices out of AWS causes an admin headache, is nobody going to explain why this was done?

David Banham

Many countries outside the US have very specific requirements for what invoices should and should not be. This is baked into their tax codes, and is a specific problem for Australia and most EU countries.

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