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Abhishek Amit

Can these be used for elastic map reduce jobs? Would be great for jobs that don't need a small instance for a full hour.

Account Deleted


This is a winner. With auto-scaling enabled, a lot of developers would wanna move and handle the load as it comes. $5/month on the spot-pricing..unbelieveable.


Account Deleted

A ranking of pricing based on small instance price was done in

Micro Instance price announced is low; as low as about $ 20 a month!

Definitely worth a mention!!



nice! there should also be 64 bit small instances, so there's a smooth migration path from micro->small->large...

Chris Moyer

Not even a 10GB root partition though? EBS-boot only is quite the turn-off to me, especially if you can't go right from a micro64 to a small64...


I would also love to see 64-bit Small Instances to be announced with the Micro ones as well.


Now I'll have to update my blog entry about running Wordpress in Azure vs. AWS ( :)


SMBs will eat these up- great news!

The price is cheap, but you get what you paid for. On average, you get 0.35 ECU (still a bargain since you only pay for 25% of an m1.small instance). Sometimes, you can burst up to 2.5 ECU, better than what they advertised. Fully analysis here

Account Deleted

It is great news!
But seems it doesn't work.
I create 2 micro instances, but even after 12 hours I can not get access to instance, because I get following message then I try to get password "Not available yet.
Password generation and encryption takes a few moments. Please wait up to 15 minutes after launching an instance before trying to retrieve the generated password".

I many people also has some error! I are not get offical amazon commnet on this porblem.

Mitch Labrador

This is great. If we could just get an instance between small and large now, then it would be perfection.


I'm very pleased with the micro EC2 offering - now if we could get micro RDS instances, it'd be perfect for smaller sites that want to scale.

Charles Duffy

To me, these look *perfect* for running an LVS-based load balancer -- which needs next to nothing in terms of RAM, disk or CPU, but quite a lot of bandwidth. However, the above doesn't advertise them as suitable for that use except in very installations -- perhaps we're able to get so starved for timeshare that we can't even keep up with servicing the network?

It's a disappointment, if so, not to have something available that's a good fit for the niche.


Ask AWS: Can I use the Micro instance run WordPress site?

sinlung using wordpress...on AWS..preety cool

Tyson Trautmann

Only downside on Micros is that they can tip over in a hurry: The beauty of AWS is it takes all of 2 minutes to temporarily upgrade to a large during a spike and update your Elastic IP accordingly. The pain of AWS is that you have to do that manually (would be great if you could automate the switch).

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