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This is a great new feature! We - and a lot of other AWS users - have been waiting for this for a long time. Thank you guys for granting our wishes.

Keep up the good work


Robert Doyle

This is great. I created a simple site for my wife using CloudFront and had to mess with the DNS etc to get it to look like it works.
This is cool.

Andrew Bruce

If we could also get object-object 301 redirects, creating 'static' sites with S3 and CloudFront would be much more feasible.

Are there any plans to allow control over the HTTP response code, or simply a redirect option for objects that want to change name / become stale?


What happens to request to a directory root, like http://mydist/a/directory, will it be redirected to http://mydist/a/directory/index.html? I'd imagine it confusing since a/directory and a/directory/index.html are two different S3 objects, but it'd still make sense to redirect to index when a/directory does not exist.

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