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Jonathan Marston

Coupling this instance type with the Relational Data Services would be a powerful combination.

One complication: the MySQL version would probably need to be based on PerconaDB or MySQL 5.5 to take advantage of the 8 cores.

Chris Dagdigian

Fantastic news, glad we can finally start testing the production release.

One question though -- the public Amazon CentOS AMI that boots off of EBS and runs wtih HVM says "Centos 5.4" in /etc/motd and in the descriptions but if you look at /etc/issue the OS claims to be Centos 5.5 based. Which one is it?

Alex Kilpatrick

Is there a plan to release a windows version of a cluster compute instance?


Do these instances have a multicast NIC enabled for UDP multicast networking between them only?


This is interesting, and could be very useful for smaller sites doing limited HPC work, I would argue that it is still cost prohibitive for sites doing 3-5 million compute hours annually, especially when considering bandwidth charges if dealing with large data sets. But would be very interesting for one-off or prototyping.

AWS Evangelist

Chris - The CCI reference AMI was originally created using CentOS 5.4. Since that time, CentOS has released 5.5, and invoking 'yum update' will automatically update from 5.4 to 5.5.

Curious Ellie

That term "Embarrassingly Parallel" sounds like it should be in the "Statistically Improbable" class....


What is the largest number of instances that can be placed into a single Placement Group with full bisection bandwidth at 10GB?

شات صوتي

That term "Embarrassingly Parallel" sounds like it should be in the "Statistically Improbable" class....

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